+ What are my areas of expertise?

I am a lawyer specialised in areas such as cybercrime, white-collar crime, and blockchain technology (see details here). I provide legal services in cases related to blockchain technology, virtual currencies, and other crypto-assets. My areas of expertise include:

  • Cybercrime: I offer legal assistance regarding cybercrime (hacking, phishing, computer fraud, computer forgery, online harassment, child pornography, etc.), including cases where the object or the proceeds of the crime are virtual currencies or other crypto-assets. I have handled cybercrime cases in my portfolio that were very complex, and I have represented clients (both accused individuals and victims) in cases involving damages totaling tens of millions of euros.
  • Blockchain Technology: When discussing blockchain technology, we must consider both criminal conducts (scams, crypto theft, phishing involving seedphrases, smart contracts manipulations, etc.)and relevant aspects from other legal fields, such as taxes (when do you have an income from crypto?), the legal nature of a token (is the token a virtual currency or a security?),copyrights related to an NFT (what rights do you have in regard to an NFT?), launching a crypto project in compliance with the legislation (e.g. MiCA regulation), compliance with anti-money laundering legislation, etc.
  • Digital Evidence: I have experience in technical surveillance, data retention, computer searches, and other aspects related to the identification, acquisition, and evaluation of digital evidence. I can provide assistance on how digital evidence can be obtained, interpreted, and challenged in terms of legality or reliability.
  • White-collar crime: I have represented or currently represent clients in cases of white-collar crime, including fraud involving European or national funds, tax evasion, corruption, embezzlement, abuse of office, money laundering, and more.

I also have extensive experience in the preliminary chamber procedure.

I have drafted and raised numerous constitutional challenges before the national courts.

What is the region in which I practice as a lawyer?

  • I can assist clients anywhere in Romania.
  • I also work in partnership with lawyers from outside Romania , and I am capable of extending my services to countries like the UK, Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, Belgium, Germany, etc.

How are legal fees determined?

  • The legal fees can be global, per trip, hourly, or a combination thereof, depending on the agreement reached with the client.
  • Fees can also be charged for reviewing documents or for a preliminary discussion regarding a specific case.

Is it possible to pay in cryptocurrency?

  • The client can make the payment in virtual currencies (e.g., eGLD, USDT, USDC, ether, or bitcoin) through the payment service xMoney, based on an invoice issued in Lei or Euro;
  • Through the xMoney platform, the client can settle the amount of this invoice in crypto;
  • After the transaction is completed, xMoney will convert the virtual currencies into fiat currency and will process the payment to the bank account of the law firm;

Can we talk remotely?

We can talk through secure remote communication means, following the signing of a contract to ensure client-attorney confidentiality. If you have documents that need to be reviewed, they can be transmitted electronically to [email protected].